15-year-old arrested after assaults on police at Meadow Lane shopping centre

Handcuffed child
Handcuffed child

A 15-year-old boy was arrested last night for alleged disorderly behaviour and three assaults on police in Portadown.

In a message of warning to others, PSNI Craigavon said on its Facebook page late last night: "It can't be said we weren't straight talking about the consequences. It seems the message still didn't get through."

They then revealed that: "A 15 year old boy is currently in custody for disorderly behaviour and three assaults on police. Arrested in Meadow Lane Portadown."

Before adding that his breakfast prospects weren't that great!

"He's going to wake up looking at a grey wall and facing a grim prospect: our custody breakfast "

"Inspector Badger's team and our night life crews will be keeping an eye on the area in the coming hours," they continued. "If you're not sure where your child is at or what they're doing and are worried they could get themselves in bother, it might be time to find them."