Councillor tackles inequality

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Lisburn NI21 Councillor Johnny McCarthy has taken part in a discussion on marginalised society and tackling social inequality in Northern Ireland.

Recently Councillor McCarthy was with the Young Influencers group who met Ivan Lewis MP and Colin Anderson, from Heenan-Anderson Independent Commission.

The Young Influencers are a peer to peer driven network of young creators, innovators and influencers across Northern Ireland that believe that by 2030 Northern Ireland will be one of the world’s best places to create, work, live and visit.

Speaking after the meeting Councillor McCarthy said: “We need to do more to help the marginalised members of our community, by giving them the appropriate opportunities to improve their situation.

“Some people may find the differences in conditions in areas of Lisburn and Castlereagh easy to ignore, but these are issues that we need to address.

“Lisburn has one of the most affluent electoral wards in the country, along with some of the most deprived close by.”

The Heenan-Anderson Commission is looking at the causes of economic marginalisation and deprivation currently experienced in Northern Ireland.

Then the aim is to look at which services are based around citizen’s needs, before tackling the causes and symptoms of those needs.