Council keeping watch for tippers

Fly-tipping at Ballycolin Road, Hannahstown, in Lisburn.
Fly-tipping at Ballycolin Road, Hannahstown, in Lisburn.

Council officers are keeping their eyes on Ballycolin Road, Hannahstown after a concerned resident tipped them off to illegal dumping.

Having removed the offending material, the local authority thanked the resident who reported the fly-tipping and promised to “deal vigorously” with what councillors called “a lack of respect for the countryside and the environment”.

Alderman James Tinsley said: “Those who thoughtlessly clog up the countryside with waste that they choose not to dispose of correctly should be reported to the council and we will actively progress prosecutions.”

Councillor Brian Hanvey said: “With a number of recycling and bring sites, there is no excuse for driving into the countryside and depositing large amounts of waste to blow around roads and fields. It’s really a disgusting thing to do.”