Condition of graveyard ‘distressing for relatives’

Blaris New Cemetery
Blaris New Cemetery

The condition of Blaris New Cemetery has been criticised by bereaved families, who claim Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council is neglecting the graveyard.

One man who visited a grave at the cemetery recently, claimed the grass had been left uncut for weeks.

In a letter to the Ulster Star, Desmond Graham criticised the state of the graveyard.

He wrote, “The grass has not been cut in three weeks - in some areas it’s almost a foot high. On some graves there are more weeds than grass must be very distressing for relatives.

“There seems to be no respect for the deceased or their loved ones.”

In response to the complaint, a spokesperson the Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council said, “The Council has a regular grass cutting programme in place for Blaris New Cemetery and it is currently reviewing its Cemetery Management including grass cutting arrangements.

“The maintenance of each grave is the responsibility of the owners of the grave. Where graves are not enclosed, and are grassed, the Council will cut the grass provided access is available.”