Concert for ‘little star’ Eloise

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Christ Church in Lisburn is hosting a concert for the granddaughter of one of their parishioners.

Little four year old Eloise is suffering from a rare bone cancer. She has had the bone removed from her leg, an artificial bone inserted and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

In the future she will have to have operations to lengthen the artificial bone as she grows.

Eloise has been given a ‘Little Star’ bravery award for children suffering from cancer and is hoping to be able to travel to London for the awards party.

The Singleton family, who belong to the church, are organising a variety concert and the proceeds will go towards Eloise and her family, who live in Fermanagh.

The concert will be held on Saturday June 13 in the church hall at 7,30pm and a great variety of artists will be taking part, including instrumentalists, soloists, groups and ballet dancers.

The concert will be presented by UTV’s Julian Simmons.

Admission, which is by ticket only, is priced at £10 or £5 for children under 12 years of age. Supper will be served.

For further information or to purchase tickets, contact Gwen on 92601625 or any member of the family.