Concern over impact of cuts

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Lisburn and Castlereagh City Councillor Andrew Girvan has expressed concern about the impact of government budget cuts on the local community.

“Most of us are aware about the cuts within the local departments of government,” said Mr Girvan. “One area that has seen cuts is the Department of Regional Development. We have all seen the long grass between and along carriageways, A-roads, towns, villages and streets. The other growing problem is the weeds and grass growing in between the paving stones of where we take our daily walks.“For those tourists visiting it just looks like our councils don’t care about the areas where we live, although that’s not the case, but it is still embarrassing. Do we really have to wait until someone is seriously injured or worse before this issue is addressed?

“I have been contacted by numerous residents not just within my own DEA or Lisburn and Castlereagh but further afield about these same problems.

“I have considered spraying the weeds between footpaths myself only to be told that I would need a licence for the chemicals that are used. Meanwhile the council are deciding on how they can partner up with local residents on how to combat the issue. That of course is good but it should have come sooner. Prevention is always better than cure. Inaction is a matter of great concern and I will monitor closely with the help of residents.”