Concern as Lisburn gets 100 tickets a week

Parking ticket.
Parking ticket.

The council is to raise concerns with the Department of Infrastructure about over zealous parking attendants and the impact tickets are having on trade in Lisburn city centre.

A new report revealed that almost 6,000 motorists were issued parking tickets in Lisburn last year, the fourth highest total for on-street parking tickets in Northern Ireland.

In response to these figures Chairman of the Council’s Development Committee, Alderman Allan Ewart MBE confirmed the council is wishing to meet with department representatives and urging parking attendants to take a common sense approach when issuing tickets.

He said: “The council is working hard to improve the city centre and attract investment to the area and welcome shoppers to Lisburn and is concerned about the high level of parking fines issued in the council area over the 12 months.

“The Council has written to request a meeting with representatives of the DfI to discuss a common sense approach to issuing fines as 100 a week is too many for a city centre.”

A total of 5,927 Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) were issued in the city between January and December.

Of the fines issued, 3,757 penalty charge notices were for on-street parking, while 2,215 parking tickets were issued for off-street parking.

Alderman Ewart added: “As an elected member I have received a number of complaints about the level of parking fines issued and I would like to address this concern with senior representatives from the Department and NSL who are contracted to provide the traffic warden service.

“I am sure everyone wishes to see our city centre shops thrive and the threat of overzealous ticketing needs to be addressed as soon as possible with a common sense approach.”

The figures are contained in a new report from the Department for Infrastructure which presents data on Penalty Charge Notices issued during 2017.

Across Northern Ireland, a total of 26,746 PCNs were issued for on-street parking, and 10,016 PCNs were issued for off-street parking.

Within Lisburn city centre there are a number of on-street car parking spaces. Shoppers and workers can use these spaces for up to two hours at a time after purchasing a ticket.

It is the responsibility of the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) to manage the on-street car parking and NSL staff employed by them issue Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) to anyone who breaches the parking regulations. In a one year period 5,927 were issued in Lisburn which is an average of 100 per week.