City centre is not a public toilet, police stress

The PSNI Lisburn Facebook post.
The PSNI Lisburn Facebook post.

Lisburn Police have reminded people that urinating in public is an offence.

Officers posted the reminder on the PSNI Lisburn Facebook page following an incident on Sunday night at Bow Street.

Accompanied by a picture of a toilet and one of the street, the post read: “On the left is a toilet, on the right Bow Street........ left toilet........ right Bow Street. One is where people urinate and one is where people shop and socialise.

“Unfortunately the young fella we have just dealt with couldn’t tell the difference. Please have consideration for other people. This is an offence for which you can receive a fine or be reported to the Public Prosecution Service. It’s not worth it.”

The post concluded with the hash tag #ShopFrontsAreForShopping