Charity walk tribute to Pauline

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On Mother’s Day (March 26) over fifty local people came together to take part in a sponsored walk in memory of the late Pauline Milliken.

The event was organised by the Resurgam Trust and sponsored by Emolsie Catering, The Highway Inn and Lisburn People’s Support Project.

A total of £1,402 was raised and has been presented to Epilepsy Action, a charity which was very close to Pauline’s heart.

Director of the Resurgam Trust Mr Adrian Bird explained: ”Pauline Milliken was a valued member of the Resurgam Trust and an active Volunteer and fundraiser.

“On December 2, 2015 our community was shocked at the news that Pauline had passed away during her sleep.

“Pauline had lived with epilepsy for many years and she would be delighted that so many of her family and close friends had turned out to support this event and raise such a huge amount.

“The Mother’s Day walk was a very fitting way to mark the passing away of Pauline and plans are already in place to make this an annual event.”

The Milliken family would like to take this opportunity to thank Lisburn Peoples Support Project, Emolsie Catering, and the Highway Inn.

They would also like to express appreciation to all family and friends who turned up to support the event or made a donation.

Epilepsy Action Northern Ireland provides epilepsy awareness training sessions to groups who want to learn more about epilepsy. These include private employers, healthcare and service providers and schools.