Centres a priority - TUV

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TUV Westminster election candidate Sammy Morrison has said that the regeneration of town and villages centres will be a priority for him if he is elected next month.

“For months Lisburn town centre was left in a state which has led to people staying away and going elsewhere to spend their money,” said Mr Morrison. “Those who did go into the town have had to combat not just the work which has been ongoing on the roads and footpaths but the noise and dirt which has been cast up.

“For me, our town centres are key both the economic prosperity of an area and a focal point for the entire community. I want to see a Lisburn which is inviting to shoppers and encourages business. Long established businesses which have operated both in Lisburn and other town and village centres have been the lifeblood of the high street for generations but are now under serious pressure. While Lisburn is cause for concern one shouldn’t over look our villages.

“As things stand, businesses are being penalised if they choose town centre premises because of higher rates. Added to that, one of the drains on our town centres is excessive car park charges.

“TUV believes that businesses should be rewarded for operating for town centres. This will help fill the empty units and entice more consumers back into our town and village centres.”