CCTV team track car as police give chase


A man has been arrested after he was spotted driving eratically in Lisburn by the CCTV team.

A dramatic chase unfolded in front of the CCTV cameras as they tracked the movements of the vehicle on Friday night.

Outlining the incident on their Facebook page, Citywatch posted: “Lisburn CCTV Operators received a report from police of a vehicle driving erratically into the Lisburn area. One of the CityWatch team observed the vehicle and informed police.

“The vehicle was then stopped but the driver didn’t wish to speak to police and made off sparking a police pursuit.

“The vehicle was then tracked through the City Centre with officer’s receiving a running commentary of the vehicles movements.

“The vehicle was eventually stopped and the driver was arrested for Driving with Excess Alcohol, Failing to stop for Police, Resisting Arrest, 2 Counts of Assault on police, Criminal Damage and Dangerous Driving.”