CCTV team spot woman attempting to steal iron

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A woman has been arrested after attempting to steal an iron from a Lisburn store.

On their Facebook page on Friday, Citywatch posted: “Today was a busy one for the Citywatch CCTV team, amongst other incidents and ongoing investigations we received a report of a female placing items into her bag in a shop in Bow Street.

“On seeing staff watching, the female then removed the item from her bag and placed it back on a shelf.

“Police were informed and tasked to have a chat with the female which then resulted in a stolen iron being recovered.

“The store missing the iron was unaware of the theft until Citywatch CCTV Operators contacted them to confirm the theft and the female was then arrested and conveyed to custody.”

They added: “While that was going on we received a report from our colleagues at Bow Street Mall who reported that a female had left the mall after committing a theft of a number of items from a shop within the mall.

“We continued to observe the female until all the circumstances were confirmed and police were then informed and directed to the female.

“After a few denials, a quick search resulted in a full admission of the theft and the items being recovered, she will now be reported to the PPS for theft.”