CCTV spot shoplifter “remove items from his coat and then consume them”


A man has been arrested for theft after he was spotted by Citywatch CCTV operators.

On their Facebook page, Citywatch posted: “CCTV Operators observed a male who was known for theft make his way into a shop at Bow Street Mall. Security staff from the Mall reported that the male had left a short time later without paying for any items at the till point.

“The male was then observed removing items from under his coat and starting to consume them. A review carried out of the stores CCTV showed that the male had stolen a number of items.”

They added: “While the male was consuming the evidence police were informed and he was stopped by officers, but before they could say “you’re nicked” the male took to his heels treating Lisburn shoppers to a classic Cops and Robbers foot chase.

“Unfortunately the male suspect was too quick for the officers, but on a happier note the male was again spotted by the CCTV team and police were informed. This time the male was stopped and arrested for theft.”