CCTV put an end to group’s shoplifting spree


Three arrested after group on shoplifting spree are apprehended thanks to CCTV team.

CityWatch CCTV Operators received a report from security staff at Sprucefield of a number of persons in a vehicle acting suspiciously on Friday.

One member of the Citywatch team said: “CCTV Operators then observed the vehicle enter the city centre. We continued to monitor the vehicle and its occupants who then left the vehicle with a personal shopping trolley.

“The three then entered a store and within five minutes two of the younger of the group then returned to the vehicle with the personal shopping trolley and quickly unloaded their swag into the vehicle before returning to the store.

“Police were informed and tasked to the persons who were then stopped by police before more items found their way into the trolley.

“Two females and a young male were then arrested for theft and a number of items were recovered.”