Catney’s concern over Market Square flags

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A local SDLP Councillor has voiced his concerns that Union flags flying on the new lamp-posts in Lisburn’s Market Square could harm the local economy.

The flags have appeared with the public realm works still ongoing in the area. Councillor Pat Catney is keen to ensure their presence doesn’t put any potential visitors off coming to the city centre and that the area is welcoming for all.

“I am respectful of the flag,” said the SDLP representative

“Nobody has ownership of the Union flag.

“It belongs to everyone and people need to think about what they’re doing, hanging it from every lamp-post and hanging some of them upside down.

“There are flags on these lamp-posts before there are even lights in them.

“We’re not even sure who owns them at the minute. These lamp-posts probably still belong to TAL, the construction company doing the work.

“Market Square is a space that needs to be accomodating for everyone. This sends out a very, very negative message. We are the city for everyone and I certainly won’t be found wanting in doing everything I can to make sure that is the case.

“I’m not trying to marginalise anyone. I want Lisburn to be a city for all and there are people who feel intimidated by the flag.

“How are we going to address this?

“Business owners are saying that we need more people coming into Lisburn.”