Call goes out for
road crossing


A local resident has highlighted the need for a pedestrian crossing on the Belfast Road close to Hilden.

Ian McPherson claims that people have to take their life in their hands if they want to cross the busy road, particularly those making their way to the railway halt at Hilden.

“This stretch of road is busy and often dangerous,” said Mr McPherson. “There are no traffic calming measures or speed cameras and thus too many drivers exceed the 30mph limit on the Belfast Road, which changes to 40mph just before the sharp bend at Charles Hurst‘s. In other words, knowing they can get away with it, a lot of drivers are shooting between the Wallace Park and Lambeg at 40 - 50 mph.

“They do this without interruption for there is no safe crossing place for the best part of a mile. People living on the Belfast Road at Richmond Court or in Hilden daily take their lives in their hands, particularly on dark mornings at rush hour or at dusk.

“There are children and elderly people who need to cross this road to catch a bus or the train at Hilden. This is not acceptable. If a pedestrian crossing is not feasible, then a footbridge is warranted at least. Are the people of this area meant to walk half a mile in either direction and double back on themselves to cross the road?”

Lisburn Councillor Alexander Redpath said he would be discussing the issue with TransportNI.

“With record numbers of commuters using our rail network careful consideration needs to be given to how we can improve access to our train stations. I welcome the fact that Transport NI have invested in a new crossing outside Lambeg Station. This will improve safety for commuters and encourage people to make use of our rail network.

“I have requested that Transport NI consider a similar stop at Hilden Station. This would also provide an opportunity to regulate traffic at the junction beside the Hilden railway bridge. Transport NI have delivered exceptional levels of investment in Lisburn over recent years. I hope to persuade them to continue this investment with a crossing at this location which will improve safety and improve access to the station.”