Busy night for police and warning for vandal

Damage at the McDonalds restaurant in Dundonald.
Damage at the McDonalds restaurant in Dundonald.

Lisburn police have had a busy night with 50 calls attended - including a vandalism incident running to thousands of pounds.

In a Facebook post police said: "While our colleagues have been covering the Parade in Lisburn, #bSection have been dealing with calls for service across Lisburn & Castlereagh."

In the early stage of the night they said: "We’ve only been on a couple of hours, but we have already attended quite a high number of calls including.... an assault resulting in an arrest, disorderly behaviour, reports of criminal damage, complaints of anti-social behaviour, a road traffic collision and a call where Ambulance Service required assistance with an uncooperative male. "

In the early hours of this morning (Sunday, August 21) they were called to a vandalism incident on the other side of the district.

The post explained: "One call that kept us busy at the Dundonald end of our district was a male who smashed a large number of windows at McDonalds on the Upper Newtownards Road. He is described as being in his late teens, skinny, with short black hair which was longer on be top and short on the back and sides. He was wearing a black Adidas hoodie. He apparently made off in he direction of Ballybeen.

"The damage could cost around £3,000 to repair - someone out there must know who was involved. Let us know on 101 or via Crimestoppers."

However, there was a sting in the tail for the vandal responsible as police revealed he had been caught on CCTV: "A message to the young man who thought it was ok to cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to McDonald’s in Dundonald earlier...

"Turns out we have some ‘smashing’ footage of you! The Officers of Lisburn & Castlereagh look forward to meeting you soon."

As of a few hours ago police reported attending '50 serials': "Tonight continues to be a particularly busy shift - calls are still coming in thick and fast. So far we have dealt with over 50 different serials since the start of our shift and there are still several hours to go. As I type this, we are waiting outside Custody with an arrest (our second visit here tonight)."

And they ended their post with a theory on why it might have been so busy with a reference to a full moon.