Woman’s cat is kicked to death


A Crumlin woman whose pet cat died after it was kicked ‘like a football’ across the street has branded its attackers as ‘sick.’

Lynne Campbell’s seven-year-old black cat called Tom was attacked by two boys in the early hours of October 3 at Cairn Gardens.

A neighbour whose cat was also set upon that night, witnessed two teenagers kicking the feline from one side of the street to the other, around 3am.

“At first the woman thought the boys were just playing football,” Lynne said. “Then when she saw what she first thought was a football, moving, she realised it was a cat.”

It was the next morning, the neighbour called Lynne to tell her what she witnessed.

Lynne’s cat had arrived back home but he was in a great deal of pain. When she brought him to the vets on Monday she was told the cat, who was originally got from a rescue shelter when he was just six months old, had suffered massive internal bleeding.

The vet told her the cat’s organs were damaged.

He ‘worked on’ the feline for two days, but the injuries were so severe that by Wednesday, the cat had sadly passed away.

“We are all heartbroken,” said Lynne. “He was part of the family.

“What sort of people would do this to a defenceless animal. Surely parents would know where their children are at 3am. I knew where my children were at that age. If they are doing this now, what are these boys going to be like later? Are they going to be psychopaths?”

“All the kids and neighbours around here all loved Tom. He would go round to the neighbours for a cuddle and a wee snack. The neighbours are all distraught. He loved them and they loved him.”

On Facebook some vented their disappointment at Lynne’s loss.

Marie Graham said, “Lynn so sorry. How do we stop these evil monsters?”

Kerry Brazier commented, “So sickened to hear what happened Lynne. Thinking of you and hoping justice is served.”