Shoppers reminded of city five hour parking deal

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Well known local businessman Seymour Dougan has issued a reminder to shoppers in Lisburn that five hours of parking in the city centre only costs £1.

Mr Dougan, who has a long established business in Chapel Hill, said customers were not aware that the offer was still running.

“There are no signs in the car parks and more needs to be done to let people know about the offer,” said 
Mr Dougan.

“Parking is a serious problem in Lisburn and shoppers need to know about anything that can make parking in the city centre more 
cost effective.”

Lisburn Councillor Alexander Redpath also issued a reminder to motorists about the parking price reduction and said he hoped it would be made permanent when parking powers transferred to the new councils next year.

“Last year my Ulster Unionist colleague Danny Kennedy announced a policy of £1 for five hours parking in Lisburn’s off street car parks,” explained Mr Redpath. “Over the Christmas period this put over £15,000 back into the pockets of Lisburn shoppers. Minister Kennedy announced the extension of the policy in April and it is currently in operation.

“I want to see the £1 for five hours rate made permanent when powers are transferred to Lisburn and Castlereagh Council on April 1, 2015. However, I would also like to see the transfer of off street parking powers as a stepping stone towards the transfer of on street 
parking powers.

“I don’t think it’s efficient or sustainable to have two public authorities responsible for parking in Lisburn. I also think it will cause confusion as to which authority is responsible for which car parking space.

“The Department of Regional Development has recently launched a consultation on the transfer of powers over off street car parks to local councils.

“I am enthusiastically in support of this scheme and campaigned in the recent election on a platform of using these powers to help city centre traders.”