Lisburn company rebranded NTD in all-Ireland plan

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Lisburn company NTD has created a five-year, All-Ireland strategy thatis expected to see it increase market share in the Republic of Ireland.

Part of the company’s strategy involves rebranding the business from North Time and Data to NTD.

Managing Director Stephen Brown, said: “The North Time and Data brand had became dated over the last 25 years and I felt it was time to modernise the company.

“Clive Irwin started the company over 25 years ago and together we agreed that it was time for a change.”

NTD has some of the largest companies in Northern Ireland and its customer base is growing every month, with more than 3,000 clients between their Mailroom Equipment, Time Management Solutions, ID Card Solutions and Access Control Systems.

NTD has in fact had to increase employee numbers recently due its focus on growth, described as coming from its capability of offer customers the latest innovative products, such as facial recognition.

NTD is considered expert in its industry in Northern Ireland and hopes to continue this into the Republic of Ireland.