Firm’s ‘Rock n’ roll’ expansion

Laurance Coey, Managing Director of Clarehill Plastics Ltd.
Laurance Coey, Managing Director of Clarehill Plastics Ltd.

Harlequin have just installed a unique addition at their Moira base - and it may be hard to miss.

One of the largest rotomould machines in the world recently went into full-time operation at Harlequin’s production facility.

The machine, which is capable of rotationally moulding plastic products up to 7.5 metres long with a diameter of 4 metres, has taken six months to build - and is designed to manufacture Harlequin’s Hydroclear™ range of large Waste Water Treatment Systems.

Harlequin has undergone some big alterations, as the installation also involved an upgrade to the firm’s electric and gas connections, as well as the excavation of a large diameter 5 metre machine pit. The build involved a multidisciplinary team of skilled engineers from across Northern Ireland, and has been installed both within time and financial budgets.

Laurance Coey, Managing Director of Harlequin, commented on the successful installation,

“We are both pleased and impressed with the success of this machine installation, which will provide us with a competitive advantage of a unique manufacturing tool in order to facillitate and augment our recent growth.

“We believe that this may be the largest machine of its type in the world. Specifically, this new machine provides capacity to supply our newly certified Hydroclear™ Waste Water Treatment System to our distributors in France, where we see a major opportunity to increase sales going forward. Indeed, this new machine will enable us to target specialist markets for large rotomould products and broaden our horizon still further.

“My thanks go to all involved in making this a success.”

The new machine will require two full-time staff and provide both bespoke and large niche products to the engineering and building sectors throughout Europe.

Clarehill Plastics Ltd., which trades as Harlequin, has been in operation in NI for over 30 years from its base in Moira. It remains one of the area’s largest employers, with over 80 staff. The company operates in over 20 countries worldwide, mainly through distributors, and is an Invest NI Client Company. Its overseas markets include France, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Nigeria, Singapore, Australia and Japan.