Fifteen new jobs at Randox

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Randox in Crumlin has unveiled its latest enterprise ‘Randox Biosciences’, a specialist new division dedicated to advancing scientific discovery, drug development and diagnostics.

Randox Biosciences is the result of the merger and expansion of four existing business units; Life Sciences, Pharma Sciences, Research and Molecular.

Fifteen new jobs have already been created at the unit, based in Crumlin, with that figure expected to double by the end of the year.

A core team of over 300 R&D scientists and engineers are employed at the Randox Biosciences hub, specialising in supplying products and services to universities, genetics labs and the pharmaceutical industry across the globe.

Exports and international collaborations will be key drivers of growth for the new division, as Patrick Henry, Head of Randox Biosciences explained: “Our focus is on targeting the thriving personalised medicine market which at its heart relies on ‘precision medicine’ enabling technology and tests to tailor healthcare solutions to the right patients at the right time.”