Facilities needed for village homes

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A new health centre, another post primary school as well as the opening of the railway line are just a few things that need to be in place before any more new homes can be built, in Crumlin.

Local councillor Thomas Burns was speaking recently as it was revealed that up to 1,000 new homes have been earmarked for the Crumlin area from 2019 and 2025 as part of the next Antrim Area Plan.

However, he said that it will be ‘critically important’ to build a new health centre, school and open the railway line before there can be any planning permission for any more high density houses.

He said he would have grave worries if, what he described as ‘essential facilities’ are not in place.

Officially the amount of homes within the Antrim area as part of the next Area Plan will increase to 7,500.

“There is obviously a great need for housing in the Crumlin area,” said Mr Burns. “However, the area needs more facilities that will help with the sheer volume of people.high density homes

“There is no doubt in my mind there needs to be a health centre in Crumlin, instead of a doctors surgery. More people are living longer so there needs to be more facilities that will accommodate for that.

“A far greater importance should be put on health if there is going to be high density houses.

“If more homes are going to be built in Crumlin then there should be more thought about the railway line. We have to have a railway line open again if there are to be 1,000 more homes for Crumlin that is essential. The railway line needs to be up and running and connected to Belfast and the airport.

“The railway line closed in 2003 and it is essential that that link is again fully restored. There is also a need for a secondary school. We still have a secondary school, however, we still have around 800 children who are bussed out of the area every day. Where are they going to? We need to know why they are moving out of the area and how do we keep them in Crumlin.”