Union flag review

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This EQIA Final Decision Report was presented to the Commission on June 17, 2015 and it was agreed that the Union flag would be flown from Parliament Buildings on designated days (currently 18 days per annum). The days are as follows: January 9 - Birthday of the Duchess of Cambridge, January 20 - Birthday of the Countess of Wessex, February 6 - Her Majesty’s Accession

February 19 - Birthday of the Duke of York, March 9 - Commonwealth Day, March 10 - Birthday of the Earl of Wessex, March 17 - St. Patrick’s Day, April 21 - Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen, May 9 - Europe Day, June 2 - Coronation Day, June 10 - Birthday of the Duke of Edinburgh, June 13 - Official celebration of Her Majesty’s birthday, June 21 - Birthday of the Duke of Cambridge, July 17 - Birthday of the Duchess of Cornwall, August 15 - Birthday of the Princess Royal, November 8 - Remembrance Day, November 14 - Birthday of the Prince of Wales and November 20 - Her Majesty’s Wedding Day

Prior to the formation of the new Supercouncils Lisburn was one of six councils who would fly the Union flag on a number of designated days and fly it all year round at the local war memorial.

The decision at Belfast City Council in December 2012 to reduce the number of days the Union flag flown at City Hall from 365 to 20 sparked fury and demonstrations.

SDLP Councillor Pat Catney, said he was pleased the council were looking at the issue and hoped a Equality Impact Assessment would be carried out.

He said he hoped that whatever decisions were made it would reflect the views of the entire community.

“We have seen other councils looking at the flags issues,” he said.

“Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council are obviously planning a way forward.”

Once the findings are reported to the council from the Equality Assessment Commission, Mr Catney said he hoped the council could then move forward.

“Obviously, any decision made will be based on what the findings are and it should be reflective of what the community wants,” Mr Catney said.