Controversial Chapel Hill cycle stand on the move

Roads Service has agreed to move a cycle stand that has been installed at Chapel Hill after complaints from a local businessman.

Seymour Dougan was unhappy that Roads Service had installed the stand outside his business without any consultation.

Mr Dougan said it was causing a hazard in the street.

And he also expressed concern about the impact it would have on his business.

Other Star readers agreed and following intervention from the Star, Road Service agreed to remove the cycle stand from the Chapel Hill spot.

“Our rates are up £600 this year and rates are based on the window display,” said Mr Dougan.

“If I have a window that people can’t see because they can’t stop outside the shop as there is a cycle stand obstructing the footpath then that will impact on business.

“Apart from that I also believe that the cycle stand was in the wrong place.

“The cycle lane is on the opposite side of the road so it would make more sense for it to be on the other footpath.

“I just don’t think it was well thought out.”

Mr Dougan said Roads Service had been very helpful in moving the stand. He also thanked Councillor Alexander Redpath for his help in the matter.

“It was a pleasure to help Mr Dougan with this issue,” said Councillor Redpath. “The Department were responsive to our representations and were happy to move the bike rack to another location where it didn’t disrupt pedestrian traffic.

“I welcome this investment in our cycling infrastructure and hope it is well received by local cyclists.”