Call for Sinn Fein to lift ‘Maze veto’

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Lisburn Councillor Alexander Redpath has called upon Sinn Fein to remove its ‘veto’ on further development of the Maze site.

The Maze site is home to the Balmoral Show which attracts over 90,000 visitors over three days. However the site is beset with traffic difficulties.

“I represent Downshire West which covers the Maze site and the surrounding area,” explained Mr Redpath.

“The Maze site, if used properly, presents huge economic opportunity for the wider Lisburn area. However, Sinn Fein are vetoing any further development at the site in response to the cancellation of the proposed Peace Centre at the site.

“This is totally unfair and arguably sectarian as the area, which stands to benefit economically, is overwhelmingly unionist. I wonder if Sinn Fein would be so obstinate if their own supporters were suffering as a result of this decision.

“Sinn Fein’s veto not only extends to attracting new investors to the site but also to improving transport infrastructure.

“Plans to connect the Maze site to the motorway are being held back by Sinn Fein and this is directly responsible for some of the traffic difficulties facing visitors to the Balmoral Show and local residents who need to use the road network for their daily business.

“I would like to thank the organisers of the show for all their efforts overcoming the difficulties placed in their way. I thought excellent progress was made with public transport and the event itself was a huge success.

“I am incredibly proud to have this event in Lisburn and the new Council has made huge efforts to support the show.”