Body worn cameras issued to local officers

The PSNI introduces Body Worn Video cameras for'police officers across Lisburn. Pic
The PSNI introduces Body Worn Video cameras for'police officers across Lisburn. Pic

Police officers in Lisburn will now be issued with body worn video cameras when out on patrol in the city.

As of Thursday, May 10 officers across Lisburn & Castlereagh District will be using the technology in the aim of increasing public confidence in policing.

The ‘body cams’ have been trialled elsewhere in Northern Ireland and have proved a success in gathering evidence to put before the courts.

According to a police spokesperson, video evidence puts the victims of crime first.

Posting on the Lisburn PSNI Facebook, they said: “It provides a compelling account of events and enables the raw emotion and actions from a scene to be replayed in the courts in a manner that could never be captured in a witness statement.

“Video evidence also supports accountability and transparency, both of which are key elements in increasing public confidence in policing.

“The introduction of this new technology is the latest example of our commitment to these principles, as we continue to work together with the community to keep people safe.”

Chair of Policing and Community Safety Partnership, Alderman Michael Henderson told the Star that he thinks the body worn cameras are a useful tool for local police.

He said: “This is not going to be all the time but they can be brought on when there are incidents, or police are in an area that is considered unsafe for either the officers or the public.

“I think this is a very good idea, it provides extra protection for the officer and helps provide a safer environment for police to do their job. If people are on camera and know they are on camera then they tend to adjust their behaviour.”

“It can be a very useful tool, if you think of some of the issues in Northern Ireland, where it is very often one word against another these cameras are another form of evidence gathering. With the CCTV team and now these cameras, there is no doubt Lisburn is leading the way.”