Be a quitter this No Smoking Day

On Wednesday, March 14, Laganview Enterprise Centre and Resurgam Healthy Living Centre will be the place to be for smokers or anyone who lives with someone who smokes.

Thursday, 8th March 2018, 8:35 am

Specialist advisors will be on hand to provide advice and support to those thinking of stopping for the day, cutting down or wanting to create smoke free spaces in the home and/or car.

This year Lisburn man Raymond Cairns is the ‘quitter of the year’ and is celebrated on publicity for the No Smoking Day event.

Raymond’s motivation to quit was his grandchildren, who along with his family are incredibly proud of his quit success.

Gillian Lewis, Healthy Living Manager with the Resurgam Trust a member of the Healthy Living Centre Alliance, said: “We know stopping smoking can be hard and that although many smokers want to quit they rely on their smoking to help them with whatever challenges life throws at them. This event allows smokers to talk to advisors about their smoking, get some advice on stopping smoking, cutting down or making smoke free zones in the home. Some smokers might challenge themselves to see if they can stay stopped for the one day – whatever direction someone wants to take with their smoking or supporting someone who lives with someone who smokes we can help.”

Resurgam Youth Initiative, Lisburn Sure Start and Barnardo’s will also be supporting No Smoking week through the promotion of the Smoke Free Homes Initiative. This programme encourages smokers to create smoke free homes and cars to reduce the effects of tobacco smoke on those living at home, particularly babies and children or others who have conditions which can be made worse by breathing in tobacco smoke. Those coming along to groups throughout the week will be asked to consider pledging to make their home smoke free.

Louise Dickson, the Lead Family Worker with Lisburn Sure Start, said: “No Smoking Day is the ideal time to ask smokers to think about making their homes and /or cars a smoke free zone. Around five million children in the UK are exposed regularly to second hand smoke and 40 per cent of all children live in households with at least one smoker. On No Smoking Day we can offer help to any families wanting to make this positive choice. Simple steps like removing ashtrays, putting cigarettes out of sight, not smoking by windows or doors can all create a safe and healthy environment for the whole family. At Lisburn Sure Start we will be promoting all the benefits of smoke free homes to our families.”

The event at Laganview is part of series of activities taking place organised by the Healthy Living Centres Alliance supported by the Public Health Agency to promote No Smoking Day.

Further information about stop smoking services is available at