Band in tune for anniversary

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Pride of Knockmore Flute Band is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

The band was formed 1975 after residents in the Knockmore Estate requested a band to represent their area.

During the 1970s, Blood and Thunder Bands were being formed in many parts of Northern Ireland in the midst of the troubles and Lisburn was no different.

The first meeting and early practices were held on Saturday mornings in Lisburn Orange Hall.

Later that year, the band moved to the West Lisburn Community Centre, in the Old Warren estate, where practices were held on a Wednesday night until 1980, when they changed to a Monday night.

The band has remained here ever since, changing from the old hall to the new hall a few years back in the Laganview Enterprise Centre, where they practise on Monday nights. The dedicated band also practise on a Wednesday Night in the Hertford Arms.

During the early years of the band, membership size would have been eighteen flutes and six drums. Over the years the band has grown to 35 flutes and 16 drums.

After the first few years, the band was attracting members from all over Lisburn, as well as further afield.

During each parading season from March to September, the band carries out many functions, including outdoor band contests, parades and indoor contests.

As well as parading for the Loyal Orders, the band are on parade nearly every weekend.

Pride of Knockmore also holds its own annual parade and contest in Lisburn, which is held on the second Friday in May.

Throughout the band scene, both at home and overseas, Pride of Knockmore Flute Band are very well known.

In 2015 the band is still going from strength to strength, with a strong emphasis on promoting culture and identity.

To mark their anniversary, the band will be holding a variety of events throughout the year. They will be holding a dinner dance for the band members on February 27.

On Saturday March 14 the band will be holding a cultural evening in Lisburn Orange Hall at 7pm. Bands that are already attending include Millar Memorial, Regimental East Belfast and SOU Dromore, with other bands still to be confirmed. The Pride of Knockmore’s 40th annual band competition will be held on Friday May 8.

The band would like to thank everyone in Lisburn for their continued support.