Backing for Poots after Young quits

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A Lisburn councillor who quit the DUP, claiming he had been ostracised by ‘Paisleyites’ has been accused of “sour grapes”.

On behalf of Hillhall Regeneration Group, Francie Ferris voiced disappointment at Councillor Roy Young’s comments regarding Councillor Luke Poots, who, since his election in Downshire East, he said, had been “very active within the local community”.

Mr Ferris claimed he could “count on his hand” the number of times Councillor Young “engaged with our community association or visited the general area”.

“As Hillhall was quite a large part of his DEA I would have expected a great deal more from an elected representative,” he said.

“Since becoming a councillor for Downshire East Councillor Poots has been very active within the local community which includes regularly visiting the Hillhall Resource Centre and attending Community Events.

“Also, alongside his father, MLA Edwin Poots, both have been very proactive and supportive of getting local issues such as the recent flooding and sewage problems sorted in the estate.

“I would suggest that Roy’s non-election was more down to his lack of work on the ground rather than some orchestrated campaign to have him ousted.

“It would be many people’s belief in the area that it is just a case of sour grapes from Roy. I look forward to working with Councillor Poots for many years to come.”

Luke Poots said: “I wish Roy Young all the best in his future endeavours. The DUP in Lagan Valley is stronger than ever with 20 councillors, four MLAs and an MP.”