Ashers online petition gathers 7,000 signatures

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An online petition in support of Ashers Bakery, which was launched by Lagan Valley TUV representative Samuel Morrison, has gathered 7,000 signatures.

“Across Northern Ireland people were appalled by the judgment that Ashers Bakery had breached equality law by refusing to bake a cake with the words ‘Support Gay Marriage’ on it,” said Mr Morrison.

“News in recent days that some stores may be considering withdrawing Ashers products from their shelves because of this flawed judgement and pressure from the insatiable homosexual lobby is alarming.

“Having read reports in the press that Tescos were considering doing this I launched an online petition, not calling for a boycott but to let them know that there are many people who want the chance to purchase Ashers products. In less than a week the petition has gathered over 7,000 signatures. People can sign the petition on at the following link I have also written to Tescos highlighting the existence of the petition to them.”

Mr Morrison also said he was outraged over comments by local UKIP representative Alan Love, who stated he would be boycotting Ashers over the matter.