Arsonists put Crumlin dry cleaners out of business

The damage caused by arsonists
The damage caused by arsonists

A Crumlin woman who has run a dry cleaning business in the village for the past nine years has blamed arsonists for putting her out of business.

Lynne Campbell, described those who caused over £2,000 worth of damage to her premises as ‘despicable’ as she has been forced to shut up shop.

Damage caused by arsonists

Damage caused by arsonists

The fire began in the early hours of last Wednesday morning.

Arsonists set fire to three bins, which quickly spread across a fence close to an oil tank at Cam Cleaners Main Street, Crumlin at around 5am.

Lynne was first made aware of the fire when police arrived at her door at around 6am.

A passerby had been walking past and when she spotted the blaze.

Damage at Crumlin premises

Damage at Crumlin premises

She then contacted the emergency services. Eye witnesses said that they had also seen two youths near by.

The concerns at the time, were the chemicals in the premises that could cause an explosion and the fire needed to be put out quickly before it spread to nearby oil tanks.

“They had to first check the chemicals,” Lynne said. “There were gas bottles that were really hot and the fire was so close to an oil tank.

“If it had got any closer it would have set fire to the oil tank and then where would we be?

“It could have caused destruction to the local dentists and no doubt the death of a young family who live near by. The very tar on the ground had even melted.”

Lynne, is bewildered about who would have carried out such an attack.

“It was definitely no accident but I am not sure if it was malicious,” she said. “I don’t think they were necessarily targetting me.

“The Glen is being wrecked time and time again and I think young ones are doing this because they know they can get away with it.

“I have been speaking to people who live near a derelict buildings and after this has happened to me they are frightened that they will go in and set fire to those premises.

“I have have been off sick for a while but I provide a good service in the village. I feel sorry for people who would have just come in for a chat. They won’t have that any more. I had planned to open again once I was well but now I will just have to hit it on the head.”

In the same week in a separate incident, arsonists caused damage to a large detached derelict house. at the Crumlin Road on Friday evening around 8pm.

Three fire appliances arrived at the scene. Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus dealt with the fire .The incident was dealt with by 1.21am.