All roads lead to Rome for lucky Lisburn cadets

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Lisburn teenagers Courtney McConnell-McCallum (14), and Jasmine Topping (16) and Adult Instructor Alixandria McCallum have been enjoying a roman adventure in the Eternal City this Summer.

The trio joined a group of Cadet and Adult Instructors from right across Northern Ireland for a whistle-stop tour of Rome, taking in many of the top tourist sights and exploring the history of the city, from the fascinating archaeological remains of its earliest days to poignant memorials of World War II.

Jasmine Topping was hugely enthusiastic about the Roman adventure.

She said: “It was a little daunting to be thrown in with so many new people but, because we were doing so much together, we soon became friendly … and I have to admit that making new friends in real life is far better than adding virtual friends on social media!

“The trip gave us a fantastic opportunity to find out more about the life and history of a city which is a complete contrast to anything we might know at home in Northern Ireland and I think we all benefited from exposure to a different and fascinating culture.”