Air Ambulance NI recruiting for members of fundraising team

Air Ambulance NI
Air Ambulance NI

The Air Ambulance Northern Ireland is now recruiting for Area Fundraising Managers across Northern Ireland - after deployment of the service has exceeded expectations in the first two months since its launch.

Chief Executive, Patrick Minne, said: “We had anticipated that the service would eventually respond to one to two trauma calls per day, but this has already proved to be the case in the early days of embedding the service.

“This is largely due to the effectiveness of tasking protocols and decision making between the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) Airdesk, NIAS Ambulance Control or Ground paramedics who may have arrived on scene and requested the service based on the needs of the patient.”

The service has been deployed 75 times across Northern Ireland since its first mission on 22 July 2017. More than two thirds of calls have been to road traffic collisions. Injuries at home account for 15% of all calls while injuries at work and on the farm count for 12%. Sporting injuries make up 7% of call-outs.

Kerry Anderson, the charity’s Head of Fundraising, said: “We’re delighted the service has got up to speed so quickly, and with running costs at around £5,500 a day it highlights the need for the charity to step up its fundraising capacity. That’s why we’re pleased to be recruiting four Area Fundraising Managers across Northern Ireland.

“The managers will be based in four localities with a local regional focus. The role is all about developing local connections and relationships whilst sharing the impact of Air Ambulance NI. Being part of Air Ambulance NI is thoroughly rewarding and I encourage anyone interested in the positions to visit or give us a call on 028 9262 2677.”

The four posts will be based in Derry-Londonderry and Causeway Coast and Glens; Fermanagh, Omagh and Mid Ulster; Antrim & Newtownabbey and Belfast council areas; and Armagh and Down.