A trip down memory lane for local TV presenter Paul Clark

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A nostalgia picture printed in last week’s Ulster Star sparked a trip down memory lane for UTV presenter Paul Clark.

The picture was of a bright faced Paul Clark pictured in 1969 at Seymour Hill Community Centre.

In a letter to the editor, he said: “I remember well the evening when the photographer from “The Star” came to the disco.

“I was the latest addition to the team of DJs at Seymour Hill youth club, in the Community Centre on Rowan Drive. Ah, the memories. And me, wearing a waist coat – what was I thinking?

“Even then, I was interested in a career in broadcasting. The rest, as they say, is history.

“At the time, I was extremely shy, and noticed how the girls always approached the boys who were “spinning the discs” – Mervyn and Davy.

“So, I thought, I’d like some of that. Playing records at the discos in that youth club, became a formative time in my life; and I appreciate the kindness and encouragement which I received from Mervyn McKibbin, Davy McNeice and the youth club leaders.

“You guys were more helpful to me, as I made my first tentative steps into my chosen career, than you will ever realise. Thank you.”