A total of 100 new homes for Crumlin

Community News
Community News

A Crumlin councillor has welcomed plans for almost 100 new homes to be built in

the area.

Thomas Burns, said that the development will not only create up to 35 new jobs but will also boost the economy and support existing employment in the town by way of increased population and expenditure.

Work is expected to start next year, if the plans receive approval.“Crumlin is a fast growing area,” he said.

“These new homes which are private and affordable will be very welcome in an area which is an appropriate area for growth.

“There is expected to be jobs created and that is also also very welcome.”

Racarbry Developments, has submitted the plans to construct 96 homes at Beechvale, which will include a mix of house types set within an ‘attractive, enhanced landscape framework.’

The area on which the homes will be built is 473,000 sq ft at a site which comprises three separate fields on the outskirts of an existing housing development.

A spokesperson for Fleming Mounstephen who is acting on behalf of Racarby said the development would create in the region of 35 jobs a year during the construction period, although no indication was given as to the duration of the build.

The completed development would also support existing employment in the area ‘by way of increased population and associated increased expenditure.’

“There is a clear forward planning problem in Crumlin and it is considered that it is justifiable in the public interest to approve the proposed development of 96 dwellings,” said Fleming.

The statement also made reference to the Regional Development Strategy (RDS) 2025 with regards to further reasons for building the Crumlin development.

The RDS 2025 outlined Crumlin as one of seven small towns within the Belfast Metropolitan Area which was set for a ‘significant planned expansion.’

However, while the following RDS 2035 did not specifically identify Crumlin, Fleming states that it still remains ‘an appropriate location for growth.’