A new concept in day care for Dunmurry

A new Daycare Centre for the Elderly in Dunmurry is set to open up this spring.

The centre will be operated by GL Care, who also have a similar centre in Newcastle.

Designed by Building Design Solutions, the centre is based at 265-167 Kingsway and will provide day care facilities for twenty people.

A spokesperson for the company explained: “The centre is designed to meet the needs of the Crompton Report, which aims to keep people in the community.

“The centre provides person centred activities daily to keep everyone active. Everyone is welcome and they can attend as often as they please.”

GL Care operate Bardan Cottage in Newcastle and the centre in Dunmurry is expected to run along the same lines.

Bardan Cottage is split into five main areas, the wet activity room, (cinema), Library (quiet room), main lounge and dining room and reminiscence room. The guests are free to use all the rooms as and when they wish.

Each room will facilitate different activities, including beauty sessions, painting, jewellery making, seasonal and all occasional card making and decorations, craft work, classic movie shows, sewing and knitting, Wii games, musical sessions and sing along, reminisces, quizzes, card and board games.

GL Care is owned by Liam Lavery and Peter Graham.