A festival of dance as Karma Fest heads to Lisburn

Karma Fest 2016 is coming to Lisburn later this month.
Karma Fest 2016 is coming to Lisburn later this month.

Get ready for a dance extravaganza as Karma Fest comes to Lisburn’s Island Hall on Monday August 29.

Karma is a charity initiative to promote inter-cultural engagements in Northern Ireland. This evolved in response to the growing need for a shared vision among the resident population and recent migrants to NI.

Held every two years, Karma Fest last took place in 2014, with the event proving to be a huge success, with a full house at the Island Hall.

This year’s Karma Fest will see students who achieved primary steps and hand gestures (mudras) perform their first classical performance on the stage.

In addition to classical Indian dances and folk dance, spectators will see dance talents from different communities in NI, with Indian Classical Dance, South Asian Folk, Mexican Folk, Scottish Highland Dance all on display.

The colourful display will see dancers perform classical ballet and Indian Folk dances.

Amongst the highlights will be a unique display with Mexican dancers performing to Indian folk music with Mexican Folk style choreography, which is set to be one of the major attraction of this fest.

Organisers hope this will be the first integrated dance in Northern Ireland.

There will be a charity collection on the night, as there has been at previous festivals.

With around 4000 families from south India living in Northern Ireland, Karma’s mission is to engage the second generation of south Indian people with traditional art & culture forms and languages.

Tickets are available now. The show will be held in the Island Hall from 6.30pm-8.30pm. Visit www.laganvalleyisland.co.uk/mobile/events.php for more information.