Transatlantic search for Hillsborough serviceman

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A gentleman from the United States is hoping that local people can help him track down family or friends of a Hillsborough man who served with his grandfather during the Second World War.

Iain Walker has been researching his family history and discovered that his grandfather, Denis Lloyd, from Derby in England, served in 7 Squadron of the Royal Air Force (RAF) alongside John David Wright from Hillsborough.

“On August 25, 1941, the Stirling bomber they were flying in was shot down over Germany at which time the entire crew died except for my grandfather Denis, who successfully parachuted out,” explained Mr Walker. “My grandfather credits his survival to practicing how to move around the plane blindfolded.

“After several years as a POW and upon the conclusion of the war, Denis lived a long and happy life and passed away in 2006 in England at the age of 91.

“My parents moved to the USA in 1971 and we used to visit Denis often in England, which are some of my very best memories.

“The reason I am attempting to locate the Wright family is to share with them my research, which includes the recent discovery of the crash site in Germany as well as information pertaining to the individuals who buried Mr Wright and the rest of his crew, and who also tended to their grave sites at a small churchyard.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have much information other than he was the son of Robert and Jean and that he might have had a sister Dorothy.

“Mr Wright was 24 years old when he died and served as a Pilot Officer, and his RAF Service No. was possibly 65591.

“If anyone has any potential contacts with the Wright family, I would be most appreciative if they would contact me at e-mail address”