Samara Prentice on how what we wear sends out silent messages to the world

Samara Prentice, owner of EVOLVE Styling and Image Consultancy, on how the colours we wear send out silent messages to the world around us.

Samara Prentice talks us through colour and how to wear it

Have you ever considered what the colours you wear say about you?

Before we utter a single word, how we dress and in particular, the colours that we choose, sends out silent messages to the world around us.

How we present ourselves on the outside says a lot more than we realise about how we feel about ourselves on the inside. A great place to start on the subject of colour is with black.

Wearing black

The most coveted colour of the modern man and woman’s wardrobe and the one that causes the most emotion when it is removed.

Whilst blue is in fact the nation’s favourite colour, black is the colour that features heavily in almost 80 per cent of every wardrobe that I see.

From black coats, to black work trousers, black business bags to black shoes and boots, the common conception is that black will go with everything, always looks chic and classic, and will make you appear slimmer and taller.

All great attributes, of course, if the colour suits you but not everyone can or should wear it.

Understanding colour

Understanding what colours suit you and in what combination is incredibly beneficial for both professional and personal wardrobes alike.

Seasonal colour analysis, or colour profiling as it is now known, is a fascinating subject and one that commands much attention.

It has long been a popular service here at EVOLVE and since the business’s inception in 2018, I have worked with almost 1000 clients showcasing to them a bespoke colour palette made up of colours that allow their confidence to grow.

It affects our mood

When we wear colours that do not compliment our natural characteristics – our skin tone, hair colour and eyes – we can look drained, drab and invisible which invertedly affects our mood.

As we move from Winter hibernation into the brightness of spring, start thinking about core investment colours or alternatives to black.

These colours and shades will make you look alive and will improve your vibes almost instantaneously:

1. Everyone suits navy

It provides us with the depth we crave from black but it isn’t as harsh on our skintone.

2. Red

Red is a great option for spring and you’ll see lots of it in the shops right now. Every shade from bright reds to vibrant orange reds.

If you aren’t ready to embrace a key look in red, add it in as an accent colour through a tie or a pair of shoes.

3. Neutral tones

Consider neutral tones such as shades of white or cream. Embrace your natural skintone when it comes to choosing these shades. Don’t feel like you have add make up or tan to ‘suit’ a colour. It is worth remembering that colour is all about confidence.

Once you find what colour work for you, you’ll be amazed at how much your confidence will grow.

Stay tuned for next week’s column where I will be talking through dressing for Easter for the whole family.

About Samara

Samara is a fully qualified image consultant and personal stylist who has been trained by some of the most recognised names in the industry.

EVOLVE, which was launched in 2018, was awarded a Women in Business Award in 2018 for Best Pitch and was the runner up in the Women in Business Awards in 2019 for the Best Customer Service.

EVOLVE works with both male and female clients offering services which include image consultancy, colour profiling, body shape analysis, wardrobe editing, personal shopping, in store and online, personal branding for corporate clients and more.

Samara is married to Paul Prentice, a Watch Commander in charge of Lisburn Fire Station and owner of Prentice Sports Therapy and Wellbeing Centre, also based in Lisburn.

They have four young children under the age of eight.

Follow Samara at ‘EVOLVE by Samara’ on Facebook and Instagram.