Claire gets on her bike for charity

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A mum-of-two whose father, mother and sister have all survived cancer is getting on her bike to raise funds for the charity that provided lifeline support for her family during their darkest days facing up to the disease.

Clare Tayler, originally from Lisburn but now living in Aberdeen, Scotland, will take on 66 miles of stunning cycling at Etape Loch Ness as a thank-you to Macmillan Cancer Support – the official charity of the event and one that will always have a special place in Clare’s heart.

“Macmillan Cancer Support is an excellent charity and as a family we have really benefited from them. My mum in particular, when my dad was being treated for pancreatic cancer, found them so helpful,” said Clare, whose family still live in Lisburn.

Claire is being joined on the cycle by her father who had surgery to remove parts of his stomach, small intestine and pancreas after a tumour was discovered. “My dad has always been really, really fit – that’s one reason why he came through the surgery as well as he did – and there’s every chance that I will struggle to keep up with him,” she said. “He’s actually using Etape Loch Ness as a training run for a 250-mile, cycle in a day, around the coast of Northern Ireland on June 21, which he’ll be undertaking in aid of a pancreatic cancer charity and fibromyalgia. It’s really amazing how well he’s doing.

“This a great opportunity to raise money for an excellent charity that has been so helpful to my family. The fact that it’s for Macmillan will help to make sure that I make it to the finish line as I hope to be able to raise about £1,200.”

Anyone who would like to sponsor Clare can do so at,