Valerie the animal Reiki Master

Valerie Westfield using Reiki to treat a horse
Valerie Westfield using Reiki to treat a horse

Meet Valerie Westfield, an animal Reiki Master who uses the ancient Japanese art of hands on healing to help horses and pets.

Valerie, who lives in Lisburn, has been a practitioner for 10 years and often travels to England and the home counties helping animals.

She currently volunteers at Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary but has also worked with some super rich pet owners, and was even invited to treat horses at Abu Dhabi Racing and Polo Club. She also did voluntary work with animal rescues in Egypt

Her business is ‘Pooches and Ponies’ and most of her clients are based in London and the Home Counties. Many are willing to pay anything to have their pets and children’s ponies treated by Valerie. She even worked for an aristocratic family in Versailles who had royal connections.

Valerie said her clients often tell her: “I like to go to the beauty salon a couple of times a week for treatments, so why shouldn’t my pets have the same treatment?”

However Valerie points out: “Reiki is not a substitute for veterinary care and treatment. If an animal has any symptoms of illness you should call your vet.

“Reiki is safe and will compliment any form of treatment but law currently states that before your pet receives a treatment you must gain veterinary consent.”

The horse-loving Valerie, has a PhD in herbalism.

She said: “I have always been interested in health and complimentary therapy,

“I first heard about Equine Reiki back in 2006 and by chance a course was running at Reasheath College, Natwich, Cheshire and I enrolled on it.”

Valerie had to practise on humans before she was allowed to use Reiki on horses. She treated ponies at Cheshire Polo where she is still a member, and has travelled to Wicklow Polo Club and was even asked to treat a dressage horse in Germany.

“Then clients started asking me to treat their small animals too and a local vet practice asked me to leave details for their clients.”

She trained with Sarah Berrisford who is a Reiki Master/Teacher in South Lincolnshire.

Valerie said it is amazing to see how animals react to the treatment.

She added: “Their owners can also have treatments if they wish, and some of them do. I will travel any where in the world that I am invited. A lot of my clients are in London and the home counties, but I would love to have clients in Northern Ireland.”

To book an appointment ring Valerie on 07774796508.