Trust urges politicians to ‘unite to save lives’

Philip Dean, Chairman of The Resurgam Trust.
Philip Dean, Chairman of The Resurgam Trust.

The chairman of the Lisburn-based Resurgam Trust has appealed to Northern Ireland’s politicians to “put the health and wellbeing of their communities first.”

Philip Dean made the plea in response to the damaging effect the ongoing political stalemate at Stormont is having on frontline services, particularly in terms of budget cuts within the health service.

“The board, staff, volunteers and members of The Resurgam Trust are extremely concerned about the ongoing political vacuum and the detrimental impact this is having on frontline services,” he said. “Most recently the proposed cuts in health trust budgets will have a catastrophic effect on the health and wellbeing of our communities and are frankly unacceptable. At a time when we already have waiting lists that are the worst in the UK any measures which are taken should only be in the direction of positive change, reconfiguring the service to be fit for purpose.”

Mr Dean added: “We urge all political parties to put the health and wellbeing of their communities first, to literally save lives by investing in a health service as recommended by the Bengoa Report. The public are clearly calling for leadership and we require our political leaders to solve whatever issues that are keeping the Assembly from functioning. The focus on improving the health of their people is an area which should unite political parties and the ongoing crisis in the health service provides an urgent opportunity to demonstrate leadership.”

The chairman said the Trust would welcome engagement with the South Eastern Trust and other bodies to ensure the local community is actively engaged in helping to produce “a health service fit for purpose.”

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