Top tips for looking your best this Christmas - without missing out

Christmas is only around the corner and the prospect of Christmas parties, nights at the market, and social nights out will be coming thick and fast.

Friday, 5th November 2021, 12:09 pm
Jamie Wilkinson

The Christmas countdown is often a time when many struggle to stay on track and often lose control of their willpower and their waistline.

But staying on track can be a lot easier than you think and with a few simple tweaks, you can have your Christmas cake and eat it.

1. Buy a good coat

This isn’t a fashion tip, but when autumn becomes winter we all have to own up to the fact that there will be more cold and wet days than mild and dry.

Eating a few more pieces of chocolate a day won’t destroy your results but failing to get your steps in and reducing your daily activity is a surefire way to watch those pounds creep on.

Hitting 10k steps a day can help burn around 500kcals per day (gender and weight depending) which makes it super important you try and get out and be active as the Christmas parties and advent calendars begin.

It’s only natural you might eat a bit more in November/December so make sure you combat those extra calories by making sure you get your coat on and get those steps in - no matter how bad the weather.

2. Save calories when you can

As simple as it may sound when you are going to have weekends that involve eating and drinking more than normal you need to start saving some calories along the way.

Stop eating for the sake of it and ask yourself are you really hungry or just eating for an unknown reason.

Cut out late-night snacking where you are eating out of boredom not hunger, and think about how not eating those five biscuits will help allow you to enjoy your weekend guilt-free.

3. Be drinks smart

It’s normal to find yourself drinking more as your social calendar fills up. Alcohol can have a pretty hefty punch in terms of calories but not all of it will cost you your full daily allowance.

Switching sugary cocktails, ciders, and beers which can have anywhere between 300 and 600 calories to a simple spirit and diet mixer (around 75kcals per drink) is a no-brainer in terms of looking after your waistline.

If you were having five pints on a night out and comparing this to five gins and Sprite Zero’s you would save at least a thousand calories a night!

4. Make your gym sessions ( matter how comfy your bed is)

There is nothing harder than getting up on a cold winter morning or leaving a warm house after a hard day’s work just to drag yourself to the gym.

Unfortunately, our need to exercise doesn’t leave with the good weather.

Your gym sessions will help burn calories as well as energise and motivate you to stick to your diet.

No matter how tempting the urge to stay in bed is, I promise you will feel much better after a good workout at the gym.

Whatever your plans over the coming weeks don’t worry if you aren’t losing weight as quickly as you may like. A lot of this time of year is about spending time with friends and family and you shouldn’t find yourself avoiding social situations just to lose an extra pound.

Keep yourself super active, make your gym sessions and enjoy the run-up to a wonderful time of year.

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