Ivor changes his life after shedding over ten stone with diet group

Heating engineer Ivor Armstrong from Maghaberry, who weighed in at 26 stone, got the shock of his life when he fell from a roof space while at work, although battered and bruised nothing was broken except his pride.

Wednesday, 29th May 2019, 12:03 pm

This incident made him think that he should perhaps do as his GP had been advising him to do for years - he had to lose weight.

Ivor attended Bernie Walsh’s WeightWatchers class before in Lisburn and had managed to lose a few stone but always gave up each time before he got to goal.

He knew the WeightWatchers plan worked so off he went to Brownlee Primary School where the class is held on a Thursday evening. “Bernie welcomed me back without a mention of my previous failed attempts,” said Ivor.

“She explained the new food plan to me and that was me started. I lost 11lbs in my first week and was absolutely chuffed with that. I hadn’t felt hungry at all and thought to myself ‘this is ok’.”

Ivor admits that before he joined the class he would have driven his van into the house if he could instead of having to walk up the path.

“I was so heavy it was uncomfortable to walk,” he said. “I could hardly breath and would have to rest every 100 yards. I made the decision to start walking. I even joined a gym.

“I joined WeightWatchers June 2018 and reached my goal weight having lost 10st 7lbs by Easter 2019, My waist has decreased from 54” to 36”. I feel amazing and have more energy than I have ever had.

“I am determined to keep the weight off and will continue to attend my class as I have found the help and support I have be shown invaluable.”

Bernie added: “It was a pleasure to have Ivor in my class. To be honest I shed a tear the night he reached goal. I watched his self confidence increase as his weight decreased.”