Take time to talk and give your child the best start in life

Pictured at the launch of Early Intervention Lisburn's 'Talk Boost' speech and language programme.
Pictured at the launch of Early Intervention Lisburn's 'Talk Boost' speech and language programme.

Almost a third of children (32 per cent) in Lisburn have a mild to moderate speech and language problem when they start school, it has been claimed.

Early Intervention Lisburn says that despite the importance of communication, many parents tend to place a greater emphasis on teaching their children to sleep, eat and walk.

“Almost everything we do involves communication. Everyday tasks, having a conversation, making friends, sorting out problems and having fun all rely on our ability to communicate. Being able to say what you want and to understand what others are saying are the most important skills we need in life - yet many people take communication for granted,” a spokesperson said.

Research indicates that language delay persisting beyond 5-6 years of age can affect a child’s ability to read; social and emotional development; behaviour and academic success.

“There is good evidence that a coordinated community-wide approach can make significant improvements in children’s communication,” the spokesperson continued.

“Early Intervention Lisburn promotes communication from the earliest stage in a child’s life. Singing rhymes to our little ones promotes a secure attachment resulting in parents being more responsive to their child’s communication and the child in return being more ready to learn. 2 Rhymes by 2 is available in Lisburn Surestart and Barnardo’s Parent and Infant Programme (PIP). Also check out Libraries NI Rub a Dub Hub - a new online resource for parents with young children.

“It’s never too late to start - act now to give your child the best start in life.”

Early Intervention Lisburn has supported a large number of local playgroups, nurseries and primary schools to offer ‘Talk Boost’ speech and language programmes that help boost a child’s communication skills.

For further information about Early Intervention Lisburn call Mabel Scullion at Resurgam Trust on 028 9267 0755.