PSNI and SERC’s sobering thought

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PSNI and South Eastern Regional College are working together to encourage young people to think carefully about the consequences of their actions and to avoid having a #SoberingMoment.

PSNI Corporate Communications Department, PSNI Lisburn and Castlereagh and South Eastern Regional College joined forces at the beginning of the academic year to take part in this year’s campaign.

#SoberingMoment is an initiative that harnesses the skills of young people in Northern Ireland’s Regional Colleges to promote safety and responsible decision making among their peers, as part of their academic course. This year students from South Eastern Regional College created a number of graphic posters focused on cybercrime.

Mr. Tim Black, South Eastern Regional College, said: “We were delighted to work with PSNI for the second year on #SoberingMoment. Based on our experience last year we recognise this as an amazing opportunity for our digital media students to showcase their skills and gain some first-hand experience of working with a large organisation.

“Police from the local area visited our class to discuss different issues that affect young people at the beginning of the year and our students chose the theme they wanted to focus on. Throughout the year our students worked closely with PSNI Corporate Communications Department and police from Lisburn as part of the selection and design process.”