GCSE celebrations at local schools

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Students at schools in Lisburn were delighted with the GCSE results they received on Thursday August 24.

Mrs O’Hare, Principal at Wallace High, commented: “Once again this year our students have performed at a very high level in their GCSE examinations. The number of students achieving straight A* and A grades is outstanding. The community of Wallace should be very proud of our external examination achievements. I wish to thank the hardworking staff and our parents as well as acknowledging the excellent Primary Schools in this area which I hope join with us today in celebrating this success.”

Stephen Moore, Principal of Friends’, said that he was delighted with the success that pupils had achieved at GCSE level and said that School joined them in celebrating their achievements. Mr Moore added that parents could be justifiably proud of the high standards that the Friends’ pupils had achieved and thanked staff for the hard work, perseverance and dedication that had helped make this possible.

Principal of Laurelhill Community College, Mr James Martin along with teaching staff, parents and the entire school community were thrilled with the success of so many students: “I am extremely proud of the achievements of our GCSE students. The hard work of the students, combined with our highly effective and dedicated teaching staff and support from parents has enabled many to achieve outstanding results.

“Outstanding success is becoming the norm for Fort Hill Integrated College students,” commented Fort Hill Integrated College Principal Colin Millar, as Governors, staff, and parents rejoiced in the achievements of those receiving GCSE results on Thursday 24th August 2017, with 88% of the non-selective school’s cohort attaining 5+ grades A*-C.”

The Acting Principal of Crumlin Integrated College , Mrs Lynda McGarry, expressed her delight and appreciation at the College’s achievement, “These results further reinforce the quality of the education offered at the College and endorse the high standards of Learning and Teaching at the college.”

Principal of Lisnagarvery High School, Mr Jim Sherrin , reflected on the fourth year in row where the schools GCSE results including English and Maths were outstanding and considerably above Northern Ireland average.

He commented: “I would like to sincerely thank the staff and the pupils who have worked tirelessly to achieve these excellent results.”