A splash of colour at Parkview

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Parkview Special School held their Annual Colour Run on Thursday June 15, supported by Beat the Street and P7 students from The Wallace High School, Preparatory Department.

Organised by ‘Friends of Parkview’, the event raised essential funds for the PSA and allowed the children to get active, having fun in the familiar surroundings of their school grounds.

Karen Ryan, Vice Chairperson of Friends of Parkview said: “Safety and accessibility are two of the key elements in aiding our children to get out and get active.

“The majority of the children who attend Parkview Special School require one to one adult supervision to enable them to partake safely in any form of physical exercise - and that’s possible within the school grounds where the pavements and surfaces are level and gated. The true challenge begins at home, where a family such as my own with three children would struggle to get outside and keep active on a regular basis.

“Many of our families loved playing Beat the Street last year, including my own. It was inclusive and accessible for everyone including children with special needs and we can’t wait for its return in September.

“Beat the Street installed temporary Beat Boxes in the grounds of the school for our event, it gave the children a real sense of achievement when they reached the colour stations, tapping the Beat Boxes on the way.”

P7 volunteers from the Prep. Department at Wallace High School were only too keen to get involved too to help encourage the pupils around the course and man the paint throwing stations. Money raised from the Colour Run will go towards Friends of Parkview’s latest project of building a combined indoor Sensory Room and Soft play area.

Beat the Street Northern Ireland returns to Lisburn from September 13 – November 1. To find out more contact team.ni@beatthestreet.me.