Mumpreneur cooks up a tasty, healthy business

Kathryn Dando’s search for a solution to her own digestive health problems has resulted in a range of original foods that could benefit those with similar issues.

Thursday, 23rd September 2021, 3:04 pm

The busy mum of one in Lisburn has created Nuttin’ But, a small enterprise specialising in convenient oat-based and gluten-free breakfast pots and immune cereal bars with a unique bio-culture to promote digestive health.

“I began to suffer in my teens from a range of symptoms including bloating, indigestion and cramps,” explains Kathryn, a mother of one-year old Ellen and wife to accountant Lee.

Frequent visits to her doctors and specialists led to extensive investigations which pinpointed her problem as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), an often chronic abdominal condition which can be extremely painful and affects many people here. It’s also a depressing condition which negatively impacts quality of life.

“While IBS is fairly common and often undiagnosed, it can be severe and debilitating,” Kathryn continued. “There’s no known cure for the condition, and I was determined not allow it to impact my life. I wasn’t going to let it to beat me without a fight.

“The situation forced me to take matters into my own hands and to see what I could to take control of my own gut health, naturally. I started by researching the condition on the internet and from other sources and found out about the importance of gut health and the need to strengthen the gut microbiome and reinforce my immune system with healthier food.”

The in-depth research led Kathryn to realise the importance of the gut in overall health. “It showed that the majority of our immune cells are found in the gut wall,” Kathryn explained. She saw the potential of oats in overall health and especially in tackling gut problems.

Encouraged and assisted by husband Lee and family members with knowledge of the local food industry especially in sales and marketing, the talented entrepreneur, who describes herself as an “oatrepreneur”, began harnessing the power of oats and a bio-culture to improve gut health. “We wanted natural products which could support the immune system and contribute to an overall sense of wellbeing,” she continued. “This is how we came up with the concept of ‘Nuttin’ But’, a small business specialising in products with oats which are natural and simple – nothing but oats, fruit, nuts and our unique bio-culture, which has been scientifically validated and EU approved.”

The first product under the new brand was a 250ml healthy drink which won best new cold-pressed drink at the prestigious Quality Awards in London in 2019.

“However, we then realised the best and most convenient way to bring our idea to market was as a breakfast product and so we came up with the idea of pots with oats, fruits and nuts and unique bio cultures,” explained Kathryn. “Nuttin’ But comes from a simple idea – eating naturally. We passionately believe in the power of eating well to feel better.”

The products are now on the shelves of retailers, including WH Smyth.